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Romeo Fraser Dalton

"You're smooth, and crisp, and on display."

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Name:Romeo Fraser Dalton
Birthdate:May 16
Location:Upper East Side, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Like cold chardonnay chilled for a day,
Your smooth and crisp and on display.
Like Cartier, Armani, like TAG, Gucci, Versace.
In the middle of the night you're a kiss so long.
You're the only good thing when all is wrong.
You're a magic time reversal clock.
You're the fries on the side with a cherry on top.
You're sleek, velvet, gold lame,
patent leather, enchante.
You're a legend, you're a glamor queen.
God I'm running out of words,
But you know what I mean...

All Around Me, Savage Garden

Romeo Fraser Dalton was born in New York City to an English father and a Welsh mother, and the was the third and final child for the Dalton family. He followed big brother Alwyn (a traditional Welsh name passed down through the family) and big sister, Bronwyn. By the time they got to Romeo, his name was chosen more for the family's passion for theatre than anything traditional and the poor bugger got saddled with a Shakespearean name, though he would eventually use this to his advantage when he began his own career as a stage actor.

His family was always well-to-do and the kids were raised with the best of the best. Their father, John, was the financial adviser for one of London's West End theatres, and met her mother, Catrin, while on a vacation to Pembrokeshire, where Catrin was working in the hotel where he was staying. They had a very old school and traditional romance in which they kept in contact constantly via letters, phone calls, and visits as frequently as they could be made. They fell in love, and over two years of courtship later, they were married on the beach in Pembrokeshire, and Catrin made the move to London to join her husband there. A few years into their marriage, and after the birth of their first two kids, they made the move to the US, where John was offered a job as the finance director for a Broadway theater, partially at the suggestion of Hamilton Drake, with whom John had worked extensively on the West End before his own moved to New York.

Life was never difficult financially for Romeo and his siblings, who grew up surrounded by the theatre life. Bronwyn was never meant to be an actress, but she adored costuming, and started her theatre career behind the scenes working as an assistant to the costume director of a Broadway play being produced by Hamilton, who happened to be her best friend, Caden Drake's, grandfather. She and Caden had grown up together in a close-knit theatre community, and they were extremely close to the point that everyone thought they would end up together, a fact that became a joke between the two of them when they admitted to each other that they were both gay. Alwyn was more the black letter kid on the family and went on to become a lawyer, but still sticking close to family tradition, he represents actors and actresses entering into entertainment contracts.

Romeo was he natural actor in the family and he was destined to end up on a stage, most likely in musicals. He had piles of talent, and knew it too. Due to his family's connections in the business, it was never hard for him to get a leg-up and he had his first off-Broadway lead at fifteen years old... which led on to his first Broadway lead as Tony in West Side Story. Before that, he spent some time in London starring as Billy Elliot in the musical on West End. He is in his second year at Juilliard and is in talks for the part of Frank Abagnale, Jr. in a reprisal of Catch Me If You Can, though he's not sure if he wants it or hold out for a bigger role he has been, on the hush, pegged for the role.

Romeo is an absolute diva. He's excellent at what he does, and he has the ego to match it. He's a prized bitch when he wants to be, and has countless friends. He has always been lucky to have whatever he wanted fall into his lap, and he figures while he's in his prime, he should take it all. He's most certainly an acquired taste, but is a sweetheart to people he loves and trusts. If he decides he doesn't like you, though, you'll know it. He works extremely hard, and contrary to popular opinion of Silver Spoon Syndrome, once has have been given the roles, he works his ass off to own them.

Romeo is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Romeo is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only. PB is Michael J. Willett, who belongs to himself.

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